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10 Minutes to Firmer Abs - A Fun Workout With The Stability Ball

The Stability Ball is a popular and very useful exercise tool. Its great for giving your whole body a workout, but especially helpful for getting that killer six pack you've always wanted. Its easy to use and inexpensive, plus you can even deflate it and take it on holiday with you. I know a couple of my friends in modeling who take it on trips, so they don't fall behind with their exercise goals while they're away!

Why does the stability ball work so well? It increases the intensity of your workout by targeting core muscles, but without straining your lower back. Do this ab workout every second day and you should start to feel the difference within a month.

Here's a 3 step exercise plan for your new stability ball!

Exercise #1: The Plank

Ab workout - the plank

Exercise #2: Crunches

Ab workout - crunches

Exercise #3: Side Crunches

Ab workout - side crunches

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