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Almost every woman struggles with their weight, but models are the only group of people who really diet successfully. Its our job, our livelihood. So when you need advice on dieting, models are the people that you should naturally look to!

My friends and I have spent our whole careers staying in shape for photoshoots, commercials and runway work. Its not always easy, and after years of watching your weight as a model, you learn a few things about healthy dieting. I created this site, with the help of some of my friends in the modeling industry, to share these tips.

None of us are the stick-thin type of runway model. My friends and I do mostly editorials and catalogue work, where skin tone and a healthy look are just as important as being skinny. So we all eat healthily, exercise and do what we can to keep our complexions looking great.

The tips on this site are not just for aspiring models though. They're for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds, stay healthy and maybe give their skin a bit of a boost too.

Good luck dieting!


P.S. I love to hear from my readers! So if you have any suggestions or feedback, go to the contact page and let me know.

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