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Exercise And Willpower: Motivating Yourself To A Great Body

Exercise motivation

So you have trouble staying motivated in the gym? Or is it tough to force yourself out of bed for your morning jog? Here are a few tips to keep you motivated, fit and toned for your modeling career!

1. Choose an exercise role model

Whether it’s someone you know, a model, a celebrity, or an athlete, choose someone to be your exercise role model. And be realistic too! We don’t all have the time or money to copy Madonna’s exercise regime, but we can all get inspired by how Heidi Klum looks so perfect after giving birth to 4 children. When choosing your role models, refer to them often. This can be either by being around them, learning about how they achieved their goals or posting a few pictures of them in your weight loss diary. That leads on to another important point - surround yourself with active healthy people who you admire and inspire you.

2. Congratulate yourself

Give yourself credit for each successful workout. Before each session think empowering thoughts and keep telling yourself “I can do this”, and “this will make my body stronger”. Don’t let any negative thoughts sabotage your precious exercise time. You’ve arrived there with an aim, now use positive thinking to soldier on through your workout, and push the negative ones out of your mind. Before long you will see yourself as someone who is capable of working out hard and sticking to consistent work outs. Then, reward yourself with a new dress or a spa treatment!

3. Be realistic

Setting yourself an unrealistic exercise program is a sure way to set yourself up for failure. Start with a relatively easy and attainable goal, then build your way up. Don’t choose an exercise you dislike, because that makes it really unlikely it will stick. Choose something you enjoy doing like a dancercise class. Start by highlighting a couple of classes on your gym class schedule and sticking it on your refrigerator, then gradually add other exercise activities you enjoy. To maximize results and motivation, try to do a variety of exercise activities that will keep you challenged.

4. Focus on feeling good, not on how you look

Concentrate on how good it feels to be strong and lean rather than how you quickly you will see results in the mirror. Exercising leads to a healthy body and healthy mind - everything else will fall into place soon enough. Exercising will alleviate stress and lift your mood, releasing those ‘feel good’ hormones Endorphins. The post-exercise lift in mood can last for up to 12 hours! It also helps you sleep deeply and improves your energy levels. If you find yourself making excuses you are too tired, think of how revitalized you will feel after. Continue doing your regular exercise program, enjoy feeling good, and eventually you will see that belly fat melt away. That positive healthy energy gives you an extra boost to score those modeling jobs too!

5.Just do it!

It may sound simple but it really is. If you plan to get up to early to exercise, just get up and don’t think about it. The more you think about it, the more chances you will come up with excuses. Don’t even let your mind allow you to make a choice, it’s not optional, get up and just go. Don’t even switch on your computer and get distracted. Just grab something quick to eat, get your sneakers on, and head out the door! You’ll be happy you did it. That stamina will help you endure long days running around on castings.


Picture yourself strong and empowered, self improving and self improved. See yourself actually improving. Picture your self as a lean, mean, toned machine. Imagine only positive thoughts about your body. This is the body that takes your through your own journey though life - you only get one! Learn to love it and be grateful that you have the power to improve it’s health. Exercise it and nurture it so it thrives and you can show it off with confidence!

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