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Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Add exercise to your daily routine

It doesn't need to be much - just a few small lifestyle changes and you'll be doing more exercise without even knowing it!

During my career I have burned hundreds of calories each day crossing town to go to castings and jobs. Here are some other ideas:

Take a look at our Calorie Calculator to see how everyday tasks can help you lose weight. Also consider buying a pedometer. The best pedometers can calculate and display interesting stats such as distance walked, calories burned, speed and elapsed time.

Drink More Water!

Drink more water to lose weight

What are the three most important things to keep you healthy? Water, Water, Water!

As well as prolonging your life and keeping your internal organs (liver, kidney etc) clean and healthy, it also speeds up your metabolism and aids weight loss!

So always keep a bottle of water on your desk at work, and readily available at home. Water curbs your appetite, so a glass of water before a meal will stop you from overeating.

Sometimes the body mistakes thirst for hunger, and so you eat when you should really be drinking water! Keep yourself fully hydrated and your hunger will disappear.

As a model, complexion is really important. And besides being so healthy for your body, water will also keep you looking beautiful!

Take the Junk Food out of the Fridge!

Take away the temptation altogether! Get rid of the chips, the ice cream and the chocolate. We all have moments of weakness, so be prepared and make sure its a bowl of fruit you reach for rather than a jar of cookies!!

If you need a replacement for all these snacks, here are some ideas:

Snack ideas for dieting

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Studies have shown that stress itself can cause weight gain. The body releases excess Cortisol in response to stress and this increases your reserves of stored abdominal fat. Stress also prompts emotional eating and binge drinking, both of which cause weight gain.

A few simple changes to your diet can do wonders for your stress levels. Stay off the coffee as much as possible, as it can cause jitters and anxiety. Try relaxing drinks like Chamomile or Kava Kava instead.

Your lifestyle can also contribute to stress levels, so here are a couple of ideas to calm down when you get home. Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga are excellent. A hot bath, to soothing music and candlelight, will also reduce your stress levels no end. And if that doesn't work, try convincing your partner to give you a relaxing massage.

A good support group is essential for a relaxed existence. Being surrounded by supportive and positive people is one of the very best things for your blood pressure. And lastly, don't forget your pets! Studies have shown that spending time with our furry friends reduces stress levels, so take some time after work to play with them!

Get More Sleep

Life is tough these days, and none of us really gets the sleep we need. But many people don't realise that sleep is actually one of the most effective (and easiest!) weight loss remedies. Your sleep time works in several ways to keep the weight off.

Sleep and beauty

First, muscle is regenerated during the final hours of sleep. The longer that you sleep, the easier you will find it to add muscle mass and increase your metabolism. Those extra hours are the most crucial ones.

Secondly, those who sleep more produce less of a hormone named Cortisone, a nasty substance that comes with higher stress levels and contributes to belly fat.

Those who get only 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night also have higher levels of glucose and insulin in their blood, both of which increase your body's fat storage capability.

Several studies have shown the beneficial effect of sleep on a weight loss program, so get to bed early, take advantage of those extra hours at the weekend, and help yourself to lose weight!

Avoid Temptation

Have you ever had impeccable willpower all day, resisted dinner and drinks by staying home, then seen your favourite treat on the TV? The strong cravings start, the willpower goes out the window and off you go for a drive to Baskin Robbins.

Why does this happen? Researchers say images of food cause cravings and the brain is fooled into signalling hunger when really you are not.

The solution is easy - if you're dieting and a cooking show comes on TV, change the channel. And the same even applies for movies like Chocolat or Ratatouille


When you're on a serious diet you need to use every little bit of help you can.

New studies show the scent of grapefruit oil can actually reduce appetite and weight. The science is not yet fully understood, but it seems act by stimulating the liver. Try putting a few drops in your bath!

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