Model Diet Plan

Diet Tips from Fashion Models

You can see here what four of our fashion models really eat over a 3-day period - its probably healthier and more normal than you think. We've also asked nine models for their favorite diet and beauty tips.

3-Day Diet Plans

Diet and Beauty Tips


Valerie's diet and beauty tips
Blessed with a good metabolism, Valerie does not need to count calories. However, to keep that metabolism high she stays fit by running along Manhattan's East River and playing basketball and other sports. Every model knows that the best way to improve your metabolism is to increase your muscle mass. That way you can burn more calories even when at rest.


Ruby's diet and beauty tips
Ruby loves to give her health a boost with an aloe vera tonic each day. She also uses deep breathing techniques to maintain a balanced system and boost her metabolism. Ruby's meal plans are healthy but light, and when she gets hungry she snacks on nuts or fruit. Check out Ruby's recipe for tomato soup, as well as a great idea for adding aloe vera to your diet.


Nyree's diet and beauty tips
At the start of her modeling career, Nyree lost 20lbs by cutting out chocolate, chips and high calorie fast food. She avoided temptation by keeping low fat snacks around the house instead. Nyree drinks Perrier with a splash of fruit juice to keep the calories down, while providing a refreshing hydrating drink.


Robbie's diet and beauty tips
Robbie keeps her metabolism high with a combination of food and exercise. She adds Cayenne pepper to food and snacks to increase her body temperature and help her burn fat faster. She is also a regular at her local gym, where she lifts weights to increase her muscle mass. Remember - muscle burns 90% more calories than fat!


Kelly's diet and beauty tips
As a committed vegetarian, Kelly gets all the antioxidants she needs from a diet high in fruit and vegetables. She maintains her soft skin and clear complexion by eating a variety of fruits between meals, instead of high calorie snacks. She incorporates other foods like avocado and brown rice into her meals for extra beautiful skin.


Kerstin's diet and beauty tips
During a long day modeling its sometimes hard to avoid hunger pangs. Kerstin always carries a bag of almonds with her to snack on. As well as being a great low fat snack, almonds help regulate blood sugar levels and curb food cravings.


Gillian's diet and beauty tips
Gillian's diet consists primarily of vegetables like pulses and legumes (e.g. Beans, Tofu etc). Although these can contain high levels of protein, Gillian's regular gym visits mean she needs to add extra protein-enriched foods. She allows herself lean fillets of fish, like tuna and swordfish, and the occasional chicken or turkey breast.


Annie's diet and beauty tips
Have you ever read the book 'French Women Don't Get Fat'? As a French Canadian, Annie subscribes to the same theory, that eating in moderation is the best way to lose weight and live a great life. She doesn't restrict her diet to certain food groups, and she even has a glass of red wine when she feels like it, with all its benefits for the heart. An occasional piece of dark chocolate also has great antioxidant qualities.


Sorelle's diet and beauty tips
Sorelle lives in an apartment with her dog and this ensures that she follows a faithful exercise regime - she needs to get up and walk him for at least 30-45 minutes everyday. Since walking the dog consumes quite a lot of time, Sorelle stays interested by listening to audio books on her iPod.


Laura's diet and beauty tips
Many people think that eating or drinking anything other than water right after a workout will make you gain weight. The truth is that if you don't do something to recover, your blood sugar takes a dive and free radicals are released in the blood. This can not only lead to unhealthy cravings later on but can also damage your skin. So Laura always eats or drinks something replenishing right after a workout.

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