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The Slimfast Diet


This is one of those diets that everyone knows about. The company has been on TV for years reporting success stories, so it must be true right? Well actually Slimfast is one of the more reputable, sensible and effective diet plans around.

No one would suggest that Slimfast is a long term diet - its more of a quick solution to lose a few pounds before Summer, before a holiday, or in the case of aspiring models, before an important casting or job.

But it is a very effective solution for rapid weight loss, and a good diet technique to keep up your sleeve for when you need to drop some pounds fast.

Slimfast: Basics


Slimfast is one of the few diets to have successfully completed clinical trials. That means that dieters were proven to lose weight, in a controlled environment and under the supervision of doctors. Some diets make claims that they can't back up, but Slimfast has the science to back its diet.

Slimfast uses meal replacements to restrict the caloric intake of its dieters. Dieters are encouraged to have one normal meal per day to provide some of their nutritional needs, then to use Slimfast products for the rest of the day to satisfy and control their appetite.

These products contain a balanced mixture of proteins, carbs and healthy fats, along with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. Slimfast is essentially a light Calorie Restriction diet, but much of the hard work (meal plans, portion control) is done for you. Slimfast is not a difficult diet to stick to.


"A shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible dinner."

These are familiar words to anyone who watches television. These commercials have been spreading the Slimfast message for years. However, the diet has been continually developing and now offers much more flexibility. Slimfast offers such products as low calorie protein bars and snack bars, as well as the traditional range of shakes.

Simply start your day with a shake or snack bar, do the same for lunch (Slimfast allows you to add a 200 calorie treat of your choice), then eat a sensible, early dinner. You are also encouraged to eat snacks between meals. They don't have to be Slimfast snacks either - small portions of fruit and vegetables are OK. Slimfast suggests that you eat at least 1200 calories per day, including their products.

Slimfast: Pros

Slimfast: Cons

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