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"Hi! I work in the fashion industry, but not modeling. I woke up this morning and took a look at the scale and was so angry at the weight I gained as a newlywed. In this industry, I begin to feel so bad sitting behind the table casting models and criticizing everything about them when I was obviously getting overweight. I immediately got online to look for a place I could fashionably lose weight and I found Model Diet Plan. I devoured every piece of the site and am implementing everything in my day to day. Thanks so much for a place to view everything possible about diets. This site has really motivated me and I will be sharing it with all friends. Thanks!"

- TW (Phoenix, AZ)

"This website has been extremely helpful and realistic. I began the calorie restriction diet two months ago and have lost nearly fifteen pounds!"

- Leesa (Philadelphia)

"Dear ModelDietPlan - I can not even begin to explain how absolutely engrossed I am in your site since finding 20 minutes ago. THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER! It is everything I have been looking for - thankyou so much! The advice is dead-on and simple enough that I don't cringe when trying to figure out what the heck those health goons mean. Weight loss, healthy eating, exercise - you cover it in an easy, simple way which is PERFECT! And it has the deets on celebrities that I have been looking for for months - it has great ideas and I even learned some new stuff! I just wanted to say great job, and keep at it. Just know that your website is on my favorites :-)"

- LC (New York)

"I love your tips - I been using your web site to lose my last 19 pounds. I weight 130 pounds and i want to lose more - i know i'll do it with your web site. I have it set as my home page! :-)"

- Lize (Detroit)

"I really love this site and think the tips and articles are fantastic - especially the real model diets. I do think it's important to note, however, that these models aren't necessary nutritionists or doctors and you should make sure to verify everything with your own doctor before restricting your calories or starting an intense workout regime. Most women aren't genetically set up to have a "model's" figure (they are the luck ones!) so you may actually need more calories than they do.

But thanks again, girls! Love all this info and new forums!"

- 'MDP Fan'

"I love it!! I remember discovering the site years ago, and checking it every week and devouring every bit of information. It's so well organized and everything makes sense in just the way you'd want it to. I suppose that's why it's become such a hit! Glad to see it's been updated and modernized! It looks fab!

Thanks so much for everything!"

- C. Matlock

"I LOVE your website! Thank you so much! I love that you have created a place for real girls who are trying to stay in shape, but don't necessarily need to lose a lot of weight. You have helped me so much with my relationship to eating and exercising. Thank you!"

- Sasha

"Love your website! So many fantastic tools and ideas to keep me motivated and informed. Thank you!"

- Hallie

"This is one of the best websites I have found! I want to be a runway model, and this site tells you exactly what you need. I really like the real model diets. Thanks so much!"

- Sarah

"Congratulations for the great job you are doing! I found your website casually and since then I am addicted to it. It encouraged me to have a healthier life following your tips and loose the extra kilos I gained. I have already lost 7kilos and I feel fantastic! Your tips are really useful. Thanks!"

- Arantza

"Hi! i would just love to say i love your website! it helps me and keeps me motivated! thankyou x"

- Samantha

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