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Increase Your Metabolism By Training With Weights

Exercise and your metabolism

An often-neglected part of weight-loss programs is weight training. Its a great way to build your body's metabolism so you can stay slim long after you finish your diet!

An intensive weight training session also elevates your metabolism in the immediate aftermath of the session - sometimes for as long as 36 hours afterwards!

Studies have estimates that each extra pound of muscle on your body burns up to 50 calories a day, even when you're just sitting around! Whereas a pound of fat will only burn 1-3 calories a day. So the benefits of weight training really do continue for long after the training itself.

Weight training options

Weight training and Diet

A great way to enhance your workout is to follow it with a protein shake or protein bar. After a tough workout this helps the body to rebuild muscle faster and stronger. And the bigger the muscle, the fast your metabolism becomes!

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